-Name: Stacie Lyn Cecilia

-Nickname(s): Fo, Mama, Snuffles, Dr. VanHelsing


-Unapologetic Fat Girl

-Severely Twisted

-Scatter Brained

-Amateur Philosopher

-Untrained Photographer

-Pessimistic Idealist


-Mouth Like A Sailor

-Escape Artist





SUBMITTER’S COMMENT: This is my friend Kyle’s tattoo that he got from a home tattoo job. The tattoo is actually supposed to say 19KRZY90 for his birthday and a nickname he just started going by, KRZY.

WHAT’S AWFUL: Just look at it, the K looks like a deformed B and the Y looks like a D, let alone the numbers are all different sizes. This tattoo was also done in a house which was not sterile by a friend of his.

No what’s awful is the absolutely terrible line job, shakey lettering, and the fact that this fucktard got his tattoos in a basement from someone who LOST their license to ink in Michigan. I can’t believe I fucking know this white trash douche bag.
PS- He’s a rapper guys. He raps over other artists’ songs, VOCAL TRACKS AND ALL, and says he’s original. I hate this kid some much.