-Name: Stacie Lyn Cecilia

-Nickname(s): Fo, Mama, Snuffles, Dr. VanHelsing


-Unapologetic Fat Girl

-Severely Twisted

-Scatter Brained

-Amateur Philosopher

-Untrained Photographer

-Pessimistic Idealist


-Mouth Like A Sailor

-Escape Artist



Kill Bill Vol. 1 — Quentin Tarantino (2003)
Chapter 3: The origin of O-Ren.


Kill Bill Vol. 1 — Quentin Tarantino (2003)

Chapter 3: The origin of O-Ren.

Okay, so I accidentally deleted the message that an anon sent me, but here’s my reply:
LISTEN UP FUCK TRUCK. I think you’re the same anon who’s been blowing my shit up for nearly a month and I’M DONE.
“If your really body positive, why don’t you post a nude?” This is my blog asshole, I will not post any nudes if I don’t fucking want to. AND IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY “BODY POSITIVITY” OR MY SELF LOVE. And if I did post any IT SURE AS SHIT WOULD NOT BE FOR PERVERTED PRICKS LIKE YOU.
“You should show your pretty titties more. Mmm.” EW. EW EW EW. FUCKING EW. I CAN ALREADY TELL YOU’RE A FUCKING CREEP. My tits, ass, lips, hips, toes, elbows and everything else ARE MINE AND I GET TO DECIDE WHO FUCKING SEES THEM. Fuck your entitled unwanted ass, get off my blog, get outta my messages, and get the fuck out of my face.



wtf you mean real women have curves? all women are real women


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#the set designer motto for this movie was when in doubt add more glitter

it’s funny because it’s true

This wasn’t even scripted this is just what happens whenever David Bowie enters a room anywhere

I ask for so little. Just fear me, love me, do as I say and I will be your slave. - (i know its not this scene but whatevs)





if a u can see a someone’s bra through their shirt do you care. like do u really care. it’s probably a hecka cute bra right and i bet they spent like 20 dollars on that bra. maybe even 30 dollars idk. don’t shun the bra…

^^ that comment is everything.


funny how a bunch of white people can violently harass people going into an abortion clinic and the cops never show up even when they’re physically touching the patients against their will but if black people organize a totally non-violent and non-confrontational protest after a member of their community has been murdered they bring out the police dogs and shotguns and claim it’s going to be a riot lol